storia RUFUS was born in 1980 in Empoli, 20 Km away from Florence, as a company specializing in leather clothing for women and men , in a family that has been handed down the ancient craft since 1948.

The name “RUFUS” was the name of the dog who lived with the family Maestrelli. A beautiful dog, breed “Riesenschnauzer black”, that lived in the farm during workdays. Rufus used to keep company to all the staff, to act as a guard company, and even to pose together with models during photo shoots of our collections. Even today a dog named “RUFUS” “works” in the company.

The company profile is strongly characterized by the efficient management of the production process, which is carefully controlled, from the creation of the style to the sale.

We produce a “total look”, jackets, coats, skirts, leather pants, shearling, and also fabric trimmed with fur.

Over the time, we have developed processes with the laser, bringing the finished product to the highest quality standards, and we know how to treat the skin with a series of twists and seams, innovative solutions, using machines, often specially modified.

Design,  shaping,  the prototype,  the cutting of the leather,  the development of sizes,  the choice of components and accessories, all processes are made within the company, for an entirely “Made in Italy”.

The RUFUS products are distributed directly from the production site to the most popular clothing stores, the furs and leather goods departments to the most qualified international stores.

RUFUS is also an international registered trademark. The collections are presented each year to the major fashion events in the world, Tokyo, Seoul, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Shanghai,  Milan, Almaty and at the corporate office.

In order to respond to an increasingly demanding market, original design and attention to details confirm those themes of elegance and sophistication that has always distinguished collections.